About Keller & Benvenutti


We are nimble.

We are creative.

We are constructive

problem solvers.

K&B clients are assured of the personal attention and active involvement of senior lawyers who relish the role of counselor and advisor in our field of expertise. Lawyers who recommend us can be assured that we will respect and honor the expression of trust and confidence a referral represents. We take great professional pride in our efficiency, as we help our clients navigate the often unfamiliar and sometimes treacherous waters of the insolvency world. We are nimble. We are creative. We are constructive problem solvers. If we aren’t right for the engagement, we will tell you so. We strive to objectively weigh the probable costs and benefits of our clients’ available alternatives, so they can make informed decisions about their legal options.

Our long experience practicing in prominent firms and in complex, multi-party insolvency situations enables us to achieve a sophisticated, nuanced understanding of each client’s interests, objectives and alternatives, and to better assist our client in formulating and implementing the legal strategy best calculated to serve the client’s needs. We enjoy and cultivate good working relationships with lawyers in other practice areas, coordinating their expertise with our own, and with co-counsel or lawyers for parties whose interests are aligned with those of our client. As restructuring lawyers we have learned that collaboration and cooperation with other parties, wherever possible, frequently leads to the best result for our client. At the same time, we remain vigilant about protecting our client’s interests and do not hesitate to recommend an independent course, including aggressive litigation, when the situation calls for it.